Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gather Round the Mic

Though this blog has been dormant through 2011 thus far, I have been writing. I've posted a couple pieces at a blog collective called "Gather Round the Mic."

  • First, for a piece on how my media habits have shifted since becoming a father, some 4.5 years ago, click here.

  • For the site's top 10 films of 2010 list, I contributed the synopsis on Toy Story 3, since I had been watching it constantly and repeatedly since its release on DVD. You can read that here.

  • And just today, I posted a reflection on the intersection between the film The Invention of Lying and the books Love Wins and The Sacredness of Questioning Everything. Read that here.
I was a bit busy in February and March due to the birth of our third child, our beautiful son, Joel Andrew. Kids are great. We love 'em.

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