Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Excitement Abounds

Thirteen reasons why:

1. There's a 6th grade girl in our youth group who knows all the words to "Rawhide." I've never been more proud.

2. I've discovered the abundant riches of the public library...the cd racks. I've gotten to listen to The Clash, Joseph Arthur, John Davis, Copeland, Emery, Dylan, Grandaddy and 4th Avenue Jones...free of charge. I just can't keep them. Three weeks at a time, but I can handle it. Please pray for the discipline I need to remain ethical amidst temptations to steal this music and make grown men (read: Lars Ulrich) cry.

3. I finished reading Wise Blood by Flannery O'Connor. I was confused at the end, because for some odd reason I was expecting a weird M. Night plot twist at the end. Nope. Just a story. It was funny, heart-wrenching, thought-provoking, and an overall good read. I never thought I'd spend so much time trying to figure out the difference between the Church Without Christ and the Church of Christ Without Christ, and what it has to do with jesus (lowercase intentional). Intrigued?

4. Brennan Manning is still kicking my butt. You read that I am the Poser, though I so often hate the Poser. Well, I hate Pharisees even more, and I'm one of them, too. Lame.

5. I'm finally going to read Everyday Apocalypse by David Dark. I talked to him, heard him speak a few times, and even sang 'Fake Plastic Trees' with favorite guys to jam with (Nate, Nate, Marcus and Mike...I miss you guys) to introduce one of his lectures, but never read the book. Another point for the public library.

6. George Mason. Need I say more? It almost makes up for the Big Ten wipeout. Wait...no it doesn't. But I do love 11 seeds, and I love even more that Seth Myers said on selection Sunday that George Mason shouldn't even be in the tourney...eat it, Myers!

7. As excited as I am about George Mason, I like LSU even more. They are explosive and absolutely enthralling to watch. Tyrus Thomas, a freshman, are you kidding me?

8. The possibility of a LSU - George Mason championship game.

9. Baseball season begins next week. Brace yourself for lots of rejoicing and mourning over the Cubbies in the next few months.

10. I'm gonna be a daddy. Whoa.

11. My wife is totally awesome.

12. Oh yeah, we're leaving for a cruise on Sunday. Beautiful scenery, little to worry about, all you can eat food all the time. As long as they can pick up the National Championship game in the middle of the ocean, it couldn't be more perfect.

13. Jesus loves me, this I know.


At 6:04 AM EST , Blogger MrB said...

cruises are awesome!

The big 10 sucks!

Jesus still loves you (sound familiar :-)


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