Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"Dr. Strangelove" and "Spanglish"

I watched Dr. Strangelove Sunday night and Spanglish last night. I was very impressed by both. Very impressed. Spanglish was unexpectedly good...I mean really good. Sure, the extreme selflessness/selfishness contrast between Sandler and Leoni's characters was a bit unbelievable, but it served the film quite well, in setting up the weight of a really tough moral decision. Some critics may disagree with my assessment, but what a wonderful picture of sacrifice.

If I were alive in 1964 and saw Dr. Strangelove right after it came out, I would have probably gone to the bathroom in my pants. If you read my post last week on apocalyptic art, this is it. It's the same over the top satire that is so well channeled by the Simpsons. Not as laugh out loud funny as the Simpsons, but a similar cultural critique.

Thank God for the Marion County Public Library: Nora Branch.


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