Friday, February 16, 2007

What is the Gospel?

I'm taking an online class on Evangelism and Discipleship through North Park, and one of our first assignments was to write our own definition of the gospel in 55 words. It was not easy, and some of the other people in class did a way better job than me, but I'm pretty happy with mine, so here it is. Sorry it smacks of academia so much with the footnotes and all.

Q: What is the Gospel?

A: God reconciles everything to himself[1] by sending Jesus Christ to absorb[2] the sin/suffering of the world through his death[3] and make a new creation through his resurrection,[4] empowering the believing community with the Holy Spirit[5] to bless the world[6] with God’s truth and love,[7] toward the renewal of all things at our Lord’s return.[8]

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