Saturday, November 08, 2008

Musical Aspirations

Just this afternoon I was considering pursuing music as a serious hobby again. I've had this on again/off again thing with music over the last ten years, and I've been constantly frustrated by the fact that I can't really write music or play it proficiently. Sure, I can sing a clean melody and write an occasionally witty or profound lyric, but I'm just not that hard core about it. I'm much more hard core about listening, discovering and memorizing obscure details about the music created by others. And I'm beginning to be more okay with that.

And becoming okay with that has led me to reconsider some things. Sure, I'm no Sufjan, Dylan, Tweedy or Sam Beam, but perhaps I have something they don't. Perhaps there lies inside of me something brilliant and courageous that could never come out of the great singer-songwriters to whom I look up. And I might know what it is; I may have discovered my unique contribution to the music world...

I love singing terrible pop songs at the top of my lungs. This could be totally cutting edge. I mean, I sing in my car, in the shower and with my guitar (but not in the shower with my guitar), and it brings me great joy. I even entertain others. I make a killing on karaoke night. So is there a niche in the music world for a decent (not great) singer who can sort of (but not really) play guitar, singing Top 40 songs in new and exciting ways?

I think so.

And did I mention that I'm six-foot-nine?

Bam. Dealmaker. That kind of height is very uncommon in musicians. It could sell. I mean, I could really make some coin for a struggling record label out there.

I'm just not sure if I want to commit yet. I mean, a hobby isn't something you just do for fun. It's a job, and it requires effort. If I commit to this, I can't just give up a month down the road. Anyway, we'll see. I'll consider the idea with sober judgment, but would appreciate any feedback in the meantime. But I gotta go. I got a really cool Enrique Iglesias medly dancin' around in my head, so I'd better write down some notes, in case I decide to pursue this thing.

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At 9:44 AM EST , Blogger JohnsonFamily said...

Pants, call me soon! This a brilliant idea. We could be Rash and little Rash. What a clever wannabe music performing act name...

At 3:57 PM EST , Blogger Tall Pants said...

First album (which will cost millions to make due to copyright laws, and from which we'll make none) will be titled "Best Think Ever."

The only possible title for something by Rash and Little Rash.

My only concern: people assuming we have itchy skin abrasions (rashes).

At 3:58 PM EST , Blogger Tall Pants said...


Best Thing Ever...not Best Think Ever.

At 3:58 PM EST , Blogger Tall Pants said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 9:55 PM EST , Anonymous matt moore said...

story of my life my friend!! i have actually talked to a full group of guys about starting a cover band. Is that where i'm at now??? old man cover band status!!!


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