Monday, May 22, 2006

A Holy Moment

I was asked recently what practically distinguishes a "holy moment" from those rituals and festivities that we set apart as holy. I thought it was a good question. So I answered it.

I would describe a holy moment as an unmistakeable experience of the Holy Spirit's work in life. I would agree with many that this can come in the midst of "set" events, but often it is in the spontaneous activity of the Spirit that we experience our most memorable holy moments. For me, a lot of holy moments have come through the Spirit's work through art: most notably music and literature, but many have come in the form of rituals and festivities (baptism, communion, worship services, etc.).

One that I will never forget will be at our wedding, when Marcie and I each raised a hand in the air as we sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness." We both really had the sense that it was truly his faithfulness that brought us to that point. A ceremony and a holy moment caught up together.

Of course this discussion raises the question of whether rites of passage and set services are always holy moments, whether we feel like it was or not. It's hard to say that a holy moment depends on our individualistic experience of that moment, but it's also difficult to say that a moment can be a holy moment when we have only experienced it as a routine.

I would tend to say that we experience a lot more holy moments than we acknowledge. Just because we didn't see it, didn't mean it wasn't a holy moment. But then again, there are events that label themselves 'holy,' yet it seems to be something that God would have a hard time endorsing.

If the Kingdom of God is a continuous 'holy moment,' maybe all I need to do is open my eyes wider and acknowledge my whole life as a holy moment.

If only there weren't so many unholy interruptions.


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