Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Tyrone and Kimberly

Tyrone and Kimberly from Georgetown, IL stopped by the church today in need of gas and food. I took them to Speedway and then to Hardees, and it was a great time. They were really good-hearted people who happen to have some financial difficulties. They came to Indy for a landscaping job, and basically broke even...and they came here with pretty much nothing. Kimberly kept making fun of Tyrone's egghead, and Tyrone made a couple comments about Kimberly's cooking. We laughed and ate a lot, and they headed back to Georgetown.

In a lot of ways, they helped me more than I helped them today. Yeah, I helped get them home and fill their stomachs, but they'll need all that stuff again tomorrow. I won't ever forget Kimberly and Tyrone, though. For the situation they are in, they have great attitudes, and they reminded me of just how blessed I am. We were three cracked Eikons, experiencing the grace of Christ which fills in our empty places of need.

It felt like what ministry is supposed to be. I like days like this.


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