Thursday, June 22, 2006

Kingdom Quiz

I found this Kingdom Quiz on Scot McKnight's blog and just had to take it myself. I'm pretty happy with my results. I had to take it very slowly to get accurate results. It is truly a healthy balance between a Christianised Society and a Future's the "already but not yet" place in which we live.

Here are my results:

You scored as Kingdom as a Christianised Society. Christians shouldn't withdraw from the world, but by being present in it they can transform it. The kingdom is not only spiritual, but social, political, and cultural.

Kingdom as a Christianised Society 92%
The Kingdom is a Future Hope
The Kingdom is mystical communion
The Kingdom as a counter-system 67%
The Kingdom as Earthly Utopia 58%
The Kingdom as Institutional Church
The Kingdom as a political state
Inner spiritual experience 33%

What is the Kingdom of God?
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