Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Indie Blockedappella

This is Indie Blockedappella. They have done something amazing. They have taken many of my favorite songs [Seven Nation Army, Hanasakajijii (A Great Wind, More Ash), Rebellion (Lies), Come On! Feel the Illinoise!, Jesus, Etc. and Animals Are Cut in Two] and translated them into something altogether crazy/fun/impressive.

They have vocally interpreted a slew of hip indie rock songs in a way that you have to hear to believe. Now, if you are not familiar with many of the original versions of the songs, you may not fully appreciate them, but listen anyway. They are streaming a ton of songs from their website.

I don't know yet if this stuff will hold up under repeated listens. Only time will tell, but it is impressive that they have even done this. Some of these songs have very complicated arrangements, but they haven't missed anything. And the Rez Band shirt is off the hook.

God bless you, Indie Blockedappella.

Check them out:


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